Hey Royce here, thanks for stopping by!

Weddings, corporate & private parties were reserved for family, my friends or their mates thru word of mouth... that is until now.   Maybe it's a sign of age, but been having fun with it lately so started this alias to serve the masses.   

OK so about me..  I’ve been DJ'ing professionally since 1992.  Starting in Perth, then over in NYC for a decade before returning home (w/ a kid!). Venues only: Guest spots to residency's.  Small, empty, opening pub-gigs.  Large,  peaktime multigenerational bar-spots.  Beer garden, vibe setting goodness.  Heaving club, prime time madness.  International support,  warm up duties. Open air, sunny weather festival fun. Store openings, awards nights, yoga practices.  Even played a private movie wrap party for Morgan Freeman! Been blessed by it all.  

Hiphop & its elements were my first love, but music is my obsession.  Soul,  funk, boogie, disco, Prince, rockn'roll, reggae, dub, latin, afro, asian, ambient, city-pop, yacht rock, house, beats, breaks, 2step, techno, acid, garage, grunge, hairbands, metal, trap, rap, grime, pop from MJ to Drake... it all gets played sometime, when right.  Kinda jack of all trades, master of n̶o̶n̶e̶ some ** 
So....  thats it.  If you or anyone you know requires DJ Services for a wedding, party, corporate event - get at me.  As mentioned, I bring decades of hands-on experience & knowledge rocking parties of all shapes & styles in venues big & small from Perth Australia to LES NYC.  It'll be fun.   -rx  

PS:  I still play around town regularly.. check my socials for venues/dates. 

PSS: i still try and make mixtapes of anything regularly.  see http://ryc.au